Topiary – Clipped to perfection

Topiary simply refers to plants that have been clipped into various shapes.  These are normally geometric shapes like balls, cones, cubes and lollipop shapes, but they can also be free form shapes like animals or cloud topiary.  Depending on the style and shape of what you’re creating, they can add formality, whimsy, and wonder to your garden.

Many different plants can be used to create topiary, but small foliage, hedging plants with tight growth work best.  Typically,Buxus, conifers,and even some climbers on framework are used, but there are many other choices including natives like coastal rosemary that work well.

At Eden Gardens in Macquarie Park we have some amazing cloud topiary growing on the car park terrace to inspire you, and an incredible range of potted plants already clipped to perfection.  Imagine how good a pair of box cones would look at your front entrance? No need to imagine, check out our range in store.


Topiary Care

Topiary need regular pruning to keep their shape.  This is normally done twice a year, once after the spring flush, and again mid-autumn so they look great through winter. Always use hand shears and secateurs, rather than electric snippers, as care and precision is needed.  Step back after each cut and examine your work, as once cut, you can’t stick it back on if you’ve gone too far!  Also, remember to water your potted topiary in summer when they dry out easily, and feed them with some slow release plant food.


By: Meredith Kirton