The Power of One

Sometimes thinking BIG can be the answer.  Too often, we crowd and create clutter when styling our spaces, instead of using one statement piece to say it all.  To help you make some big impact this Autumn, we’re having a ‘living large’ sale, with discounts off our advanced plants, large palms, statement pots and jumbo baskets.

So what are the best BIG choices? 

Inside the hot looks right now are figs.  We’re talking Ficus elastica – the rubber tree – in all its various colours, weeping fig, which comes in variegated and plain glossy green, fiddle leaf fig, with its giant dark green foliage, and Ficus longifolia, which has marvellous long thin leaves and is hotly sort after! 

Then there are the stunning Lady or Rhapis palms.  We have some gigantic examples that are ready to make real impact in your living areas, and cope with light or half-light positions.  They are very slow growing though, meaning that they rarely need repotting.  We also have a few very rare variegated forms.  Other palms making impact indoors include Golden cane palms and Kentia palms.

Outdoors, go for a large feature pot that says WOW instead of MEOW! Try growing a grafted flowering gum for terrific colour and impact, or a stunning standard bougainvillea for almost year around colour in in the sun.  We also stock beautiful specimen weeping maples that make a wonderful feature tree.  Large pots also allow you to triple plant using the ‘spill, thrill and fill’ technique of multi planting cascading plants, statement plants and filler plants to extend your planters seasonal interest and given them structural interest.


Of course, not everything we sell is green…we have a great range of planters, baskets, hangers and huge ceramic pots, so check them out before out before they disappear!