The Kids Essential Garden Christmas list

The Kids Essential Garden, 12 days of Christmas, shopping list

When I was four years old, for Christmas I was given a terracotta pot with some soil, a watering can, seeds, gardening gloves and a kids gardening hand trowel and rake. I don't remember what else I received that Christmas or many others for that matter, yet I remember the morning my seeds germinated and spending much of that Summer in our garden. I have been an avid gardener and earth lover ever since.

This Christmas instead of visiting the big department stores to pick up packaged toys from aisles piled high to the roof, Christmas shopping for the children in my life is first and foremost green in nature. 

Ideally a gift should be something memorable and inspire imagination and creativity, but what if a single gift given to a child today could spark an interest that lasts a lifetime.

I recently visited Eden Gardens and collated the 'Kids Essential Garden, 12 days of Christmas, shopping list'. 


1. Firstly the 'Little Gardeners Butterfly Garden Cube Kit' which comes with Cosmos Colour Mix, Rudbeckia and Californian Poppy Colour Mix, in easy to use peat pots. The butterfly cube kit is a wonderful starting place for little people as it teaches children the connection between flowers they grow and the ability to attract the pollinators including bees and butterflies. Eden Gardens cost: $11.98

2. What little person doesn't love pizza? The 'Pizza Garden Kit Cube' is truly capable of enticing most little people into the garden! The kit comes with  Basil, Tomato Sweetie, & Capsicum Sweet Banana and is easy to use for beginner gardeners. For a little bit of effort this kit reaps big (and delicious) rewards! Eden Gardens cost: $11.98
3. The 'Little Gardeners Veggie Garden Kit Cube' is an absolute must in any little person's Christmas stocking. Coming with 3 packets of seeds, including Cucumber Beit Alpha, Lettuce Red & Green & Tomato Sweetie, the kit comes with easy to use peat pots and teaches children the magic of seeds and the wonders of growing. Eden Gardens cost: $11.98
4. The 'Mr Fothergills Puppy Grass Hair Kit' comes complete with seeds, soil and an adorable pot ready to grow your pet's hair. The kits are simple to use, your child will add water to sow the seeds and the adorable puppy (or kitten) will start growing hair in as little as 7 days. Eden Gardens cost: $7.98
5. The 'Coloured Windowsill Tins- Herbs Mix' comes with basil, chives & parsley and is an excellent option especially for little people who already enjoy or are interested in plants and the garden. The kit is easy to use, grows well indoors and with only a little time, water and sunlight your little one can be growing herbs that the whole family can enjoy, all year round. Eden Gardens cost: $24.98
6.  An essential in the garden, the 'Peter Rabbit Children's Gardening Gloves' keeps children's hands clean and dirt free when they're out helping in the garden. I loved these gloves and the Peter Rabbit range as they are made from 100% sustainably sourced denim material. The gloves are suitable for children aged between 6 and 11. Eden Gardens cost: $24.98
7. Equip kids with the essentials to get digging in the garden this Christmas with both the 'Peter Rabbit Children's Gardening Trowel' and 'Rake'. They are the perfect size for kids to dig or level ground and move small objects in the garden. Eden Gardens cost: Rake $19.98 and Eden Gardens Trowel: $19.98
8. The 'Peter Rabbit children's gardening tool gift with bag', is a must have accessory for young gardeners. I love the Peter Rabbit design and the bag contains all the important tools needed for a day out in the garden, including a garden tool bag with handle, a gardening rake, trowel, fork and transplanter, each with engraved Peter Rabbit captions. Eden Gardens cost: $99.98
9. The 'Peter Rabbit Children's Gardening Apron', will keep young gardeners clean while they are out exploring the garden. The four little pockets with elastic to store gardening tools and equipment will surely be filled with interesting rocks, seeds and other wonders after a day of work in the garden. Suitable for ages 6-11 years, the apron is made from 100% sustainably sourced denim. Eden Gardens cost: 39.98
10. The '2 litre Kids Elephant watering can' comes in hot pink or blue. It is lots of fun and is the perfect size to encourage little ones to take on the responsibility of watering, without being too heavy when filled. Eden Gardens cost: $14.98
11. The 'Mr Fothergills Watering Can Kits', are all in one grow kits that come in giant Sunflower (yellow watering can), Tomato (red watering can) or Cucumber (green watering can). Take your pick as to what your little one will like the best. The kit includes a peat pot, seeds and soil pellet plus a bright coloured metal watering can to water the plants, and stickers to decorate the watering can. Eden Garden's cost: $24.98
12. Complete the 'Kids Essential Garden, 12 days of Christmas, shopping list', with a copy of children's book, 'Orlando's Garden'. 'Orlando's Garden' is a story of discovering the magic of gardening. The book comes with gardening activities including raising plant people from seed, microgreen forests and making a worm palace. The book also includes a Teacher's Aid focused on promoting discussion about sustainability and the journey of the food we eat. Ultimately the message in the book is, what foods can we grow at home in whatever space we have available to grow them. 

Stephanie Paulsen is a mother of two boys, Orlando and Leonardo, and author of 'Orlando's Garden'. As an avid lifelong gardener her mission is to encourage future generations into the garden so they can enjoy the lifelong benefits of fresh food, connection with nature and holistic wellbeing that comes with gardening.