Smart Gardening

Do you ever wonder if gardening could be easier?  Applying some smart technology, new thinking and clever hacks to your habits can be a great way to save time, money and resources.


Starting with water, there are always ways to include water efficiencies.  Are you watering in the early morning or late evening when evaporation rates are lowest?  Are you giving you plants a deep, once a week soaking that encourages their roots to grow down deep where they are less likely to be effected by drought?  If you’re not great at remembering to water when you should (or are allowed) or go away frequently, get yourself a Smart timer or Water station that’s programmable.  Eden Gardens stock iWeather intelligent systems by Holman that are great.  And check you’re targeting your watering to the plants that need it most.  You can also get water sensors (that tell you when you need to water, the pH, and the temperature of your soil). Some, like the Gro Care home range sold at Eden Gardens, connect via Bluetooth to an app that gives you specific feedback on caring for your particular plant.   Even self-watering pots, wicking systems and Elho Aqua Care water dispensers – perfect for potted and indoor plants, make watering easy, even when you’re not at home.  And when it does rain, or when you’re in the shower, capture some of that water and use it on thirsty plants like hydrangeas, fruit trees, vegetables and flower.


Of course, choosing the right plant for the place is super important.  If you have a sandy soil, make the most of it by planting natives that love good drainage. If you have heavier soil, build it up with organic matter, compost and worm castings and it should grow anything.  Succulents and cactus are great for tricky areas and pots that you might forget to care for.  Whatever you have growing mulch mulch mulch.  Nature’s best way to keep the soil moist is to cover the ground with mulch – that can be anything, but water well before applying it and keep it around 7cm deep for best effects.  Sugar can is perfect for vegie gardens, rose gardens, flower gardens and even pots.  And we all love green grass, so treat you lawn with some Green Up… and don’t forget to plant (or lay turf) using water storing crystals.


Lastly, coming up to summer, you want to make the most of your outdoor areas day and night.  Beat the bugs with mossie repellent plants like marigolds, lemon grass, catnip, lemon thyme and citronella geranium, tackle fleas with pennyroyal, and turn off unnecessary outdoor lights when you’re not outside or fit them with a sensor, as outdoor lights attract bugs and moths.  Better still, use candles and diffusers to create ambience and add a calming atmosphere to any scene