Plants meet their perfect pot match in our store


Pots come in all shapes and sizes, but not all plants suit them. Use our guide to get the most from your terrace, balcony, indoor garden oasis or courtyard...or come in and ask our Green Team for advise. Did you know we even have a potting service?


Low Bowls

add a modern look. Plants with shallow roots suit this type of pot. Ground covers, weeping maples, azaleas and prostrate conifers all work well. Indoors, smaller dish shapes can be useful with trailing Devil’s or English Ivies and larger bowls look beautiful planted with clumping palms like Rhapis or Golden Cane Palms. These huge dish

shapes are great for creating mini landscapes.



are a classical shape that can work well in formal gardens and create symmetry and defnition to entranceways. Team them with conical shaped conifers or topiary to emphasize this look, or plant them with trailing ground covers to spill over the sides in a voluptuous cascade.



are taller than your standard pot and have a narrower neck. They suit deeper rooted plants that need the extra depth of soil, however only choose plants that will be permanent features as this shape makes them difcult to repot. They are also a great shape to use for fast screening as they ‘lift’ your plant up higher. Bamboo can work well,

and repetition is particularly effective. Try coupling them with trailing plants to add extra interest.



are great at creating outdoor garden ‘rooms’ and screens, for window boxes, as wall toppers and for other narrow spaces. Their rectilinear shape can look great with clipped box and trailing plants like dwarf bougainvillea.They are also great for herbs, as you can easily access them from all sides


 Bell Pots

are perfect for planting a range of trees and shrubs, like fruit trees, creening shrubs like Pittosporums, Murrayas, Lilly Pillies and flowering plants like lavenders, hydrangeas and gardenias. They make repotting easy and tend to be more stable than taller pots, so work well in exposed positions.



There are so many products that pots are made from now, each with various pros and cons. If you’re a balcony gardener you may need to go light weight, so think fberglass rather than concrete! Glazed containers are great for reducing evaporation and our newly imported range has a plug you can keep in or remove for drainage, depending on what suits.

Terracotta pots are porous, so perfect for plants that need great drainage and baskets are terrific for hiding plastic pots indoors