November In The Garden

Spring’s final hurrah.  Glorious days that are heavy with the scents of spring, alive with the frenzy of flowers and buzzing with bees and butterflies.  What’s not to love about November?  It’s the best month for flowering roses, a great time for weeding (after all, the days are not too hot) and jacarandas are covering the whole east coast with a mauve haze of blossoms. 


Simple tasks to take on include:

  • Trimming wild tendrils of climbers like wisteria back
  • Remove spend flowers on your perennials and shrubs to encourage another flush of blooms
  • Plant basil and tomatoes
  • Aerate your lawn and top dress any low lying spots
  • Starting a herb garden. It’s the perfect time of the year to invest in a kitchen garden and some salad greens.

It’s also a good time to have a spring clean, getting ready for summer entertaining.  Clean furniture, paving and the exterior of your house with a high pressure blaster, or spoil yourself and finally buy some new outdoor furniture, cushions and pots for an updated look.  We have our own range of hand chosen and beautifully crafted pieces that are unique to Eden and will help create a special outdoor entertaining area at your place. 

So what should you NOT do in NOvember? 

  • You can promote sappy growth that’s prone to burner on those summer spiking temperatures.
  • Water in the middle of the day – it will just evaporate. Stick to early morning or late afternoon.
  • Pile up grass clippings onto your garden beds, especially around established trees, as this can cause collar rot. Instead, pop them into a Hungry Bin and mulch them first.
  • Mulch without making sure you’ve given the garden a good drink first.
  • Spray insects without advice. Nature hates a vacuum and you can easily kill off the good guys as well as the pests, creating an imbalance.