Mother's Day Gift Ideas

What do Mum’s Want on Mother’s Day?

If you were to ask the average mum, she would probably say she wants a few simple things.  She doesn’t want to have to think about where she is going - she wants a day off organising the family.  Next, she wants to spend time with family (without the kids fighting) and make some wonderful memories together.  Third, she wants the most precious thing of all… time to herself!

What Eden Gardens can do for the special mum in your life is simple.  We can provide you with all the answers. You don’t need to think too hard because we’ve done that for you!

  • Book lunch (or brunch) at The Gardens Restaurant and Café Terrace. It’s casual dining and relaxed enough that everyone will feel comfortable.  The big kids can explore our wonderful gardens after lunch and delight in the water dragons and myriad of pathways and areas to discover, whilst the smaller kids can enjoy our children’s playground.  Our menu with children’s options is tasty, seasonal, and perfect for sharing and available for takeaway (and picnic) on dine in.
  • Gift her a workshop where she can create something wonderful. Get in early and buy a wonderful ticket to the Cyanotype Workshop with Lisa Shepherd on the 30th April, where she will be able to make something special for herself and learn a new skill.
  • Lavish her with flowers. Not the kind that die in a few days that you picked up from the garage as an afterthought, but the kind that lives on, showing the love and growing the love for months.  Try a wonderful peace lily (the perfect plant to say sorry, or ‘wave the white flag’) or a passionate flamingo flower with its heart shaped leaves and red or pink bloom.  Cyclamen and orchids are also perfect, and both flower all winter when having a bloom inside can make up for the lack of flowers in the garden.
  • Buy her some wonderful, scented soaps, luxurious hand creams or a great book to read. Then gift her some time away from the kids where she gets to use them while you’re out doing the sports run or taking the kids to the park for a run.
  • And if you have got to five and you feel like you’ve missed out on all these wonderful things, don’t despair…demand a ‘re-run’. Flick your partner or kids this link and suggest that perhaps they could do a take two – you’re worth it after all!


By:  Meredith Kirton