Saardé - design-led brand, creating goods for home, body and travel

Tangier, Andalusia, Anatolia and Istanbul. The mere utterance of these destinations are enough to summon a terra cotta landscape and fill ourolfactory cavities with phantom aromas of incense and spice. They evoke memories of fearless, intrepid wanderers propelled to set across ochre mountains to manifest dreams and create alchemy.

It was an alchemy of sorts that began with a dream for Verity and Shenol Kizek the founders of Saarde (pronounced sar-day) a design-led, carbon-neutral brand that creates considered and textured goods for home, body and travel. The name comes from the Turkish word “sade” meaning“ simple” and it reflects their philosophy and ethos which is evident in their products, brand and lifestyle. A family-owned business, designing products in-house in Australia that pass through the skilled hands of carefully selected makers located in small villages in rural Turkey.

Amongst home fragrances, hand and body washes, they offer beautiful, quality textiles and homewares. Reasonably priced, produced in small quantities and finished by hand, every piece imparts an imperfect beauty that can only be appreciated by the wanderer in us all, searching for something unique and special.

Eden Gardens is now one of few, proud stockists of a capsule collection of Saarde including selected room sprays, hand washes, towels, serving boards, candle holders, cushions and planters.