How to Recycle Your Garden Pots

Do you have empty plastic pots lying around your home and you’re not sure what to do with them?

As part of our commitment to the environment, Eden Gardens offers a plastic pot recycling service, free to the general public. We accept all plastics numbered 1-7; simply bring in your empty nursery pots ensuring they are free from debris, labels and excess dirt and place them in our pot recycling bin at the front of the store.

You can also help yourself to the pots in the bin if you are in need of some for your own garden. By reusing them you will help save energy required to recycle, however the pots come as they are (unsterilised).


Step 1. Get your pots together for recycling and check that they have the PP5 symbol on them.

Step 2. Tap them to remove the soil.

Step 3. Stack them together neatly.


Find the bins instore or check with the team. 




By: Meredith Kirton