Herbs and Wellness

Herbalists have always known plants are good for your health.  So whether you just like sipping on a cuppa, using plants for cosmetic uses, or adding the for flavour bursts to your cooking, there are lots of easy ways to include plants in your life and give yourself a pick-me-up at the same time.


Some great teas include chamomile, which can be drunk or bathed in to help you calm the stress from the day, help you sleep or relieve period pain.  Sage tea reduces inflammation and improves memory, and ginger tea can help reduce nausea.  Mint, pineapple sage, thyme, scented geranium and lemon balm are all deliciously fragrant, and have their own benefits too.


Most herbs like a sunny position, and many can grow in containers, making them the perfect plants for sunny balconies and small space gardening. If you only have a window sill, grow some fresh mint, which makes a lovely tea and can tolerate the indoors for longer.