Give a living gift

How many gifts end up regifted or as landfill? For a gift that grows, you can’t go past a plant! Nobody is ever disappointed by a living bunch of flowers that extends the cheer through the year or potted plant that helps clear the air (literally) event when the family antics might have created tensions.

Nothing says Christmas like…

  • Poinsettias. The red bracts create a show stopping effect that looks great placed singly on a table top, or massed in pots at your front door. Outside, make sure they are in a protected position, inside, make sure they get plenty of light, and water a few times a week avoiding the foliage to keep them looking their best. From now until Christmas they are 20% off at our Gro stores and Macquarie Park centre.
  • Anthuriums, or Flamingo flowers, have red flag flowers that last for months, and heart-shaped leaves that spell romance and tenderness. They are the perfect flowering pot plant too, with a hardiness that means you can relax when you give someone this plant, and know it will be happily thriving in 2023! Buy them now with 20% off for your mum or partner and share the love!
  • Living Christmas trees. The ultimate family heirloom, they continue to grow each year and become a cherished part of your household! By one for your family and one for a friend, and get 20% off!
  • Our multi offers! Our plant and pot combos are a bargain and make the perfect Kris Kringle gift from $29.98

Nothing says holidays like…

The chance to read a great book, get inspired and get stuck into the garden. To drought proof your garden we have 20% EcoHydrate, Wettasoil,DroughtShield and mulch, as well as our great range of gardening titles.