Gifts for Everyone

At Eden Gardens we have the perfect gift for everyone, not just a living bunch of flowers for your mum or growing Christmas tree for your dad…

Beginner plant parents: Do you know someone about to go away to university?  A terrarium is the perfect pressie as they’re tricky to kill, in their own self-contained world. What about a niece or nephew that’s just going off to their first job?  An office plant like a potted cactus will survive an air-conditioned environment, drying out between drinks and make a statement. 

First home buyers: the garden is often the last thing cash strapped families have money for.  Give them a Hungry Bin or Vegie Pod.  Both are ‘big ticket’ items, but will last them a life time and keep giving back, be it with wonderful garden compost or lovely leafy greens each night for salad.

Unconvinced plant parents: The carefree brother-in-law that seems to not do much other than surf will surely be thrilled with a pot of Scaevola ‘Aussie Crawl’, which looks great planted into a hanging basket or spilling over a retaining wall, in a rockery or as a groundcover.  What about for that cross patchy uncle who doesn’t have time to garden, is always overseas and doesn’t believe in global warming?  The answer has to be a succulent bowl.  They can live in anywhere (even with their head in the sand) and are a bit like a world on their own…and they can take it when the temperatures ramp up!

Finicky plant parent: Do you have a great gardening aunt that has a magnificent garden?  Does she love something a little ‘rare and unusual’?  We have some new stock of Angel’s trumpets in double whites, reds, orange, and pink.  They’re beautifully scented and will have stunning large bell flowers over summer and autumn once planted, but they’re not to be messed with, as they’re also poisonous if inhale or ingest them.   For that uncle that’s always clipping and tidying, why do get them a bonsai so that they can be meddling and a little OCDC in a good way!

Budding nature’s children: to encourage kids to garden, grab a carnivorous plant.  We have some sensational Venus fly traps and pitcher plants that will stop the ‘little darlings’ in their tracks and get them on a fly harvesting adventure like none other!  We also have fairy garden accessories… or can help you out with some dinosaur plants.  And a marvellous range of garden games to encourage them ‘outside to play’.

Elderly plant parents: if you’re not as mobile as you used to be or have limited space at home these days, it doesn’t mean you can’t treasure a flowering gift.  We have some beautiful African violets and some lovely orchids.

by Meredith Kirton