Eden Gardens Gin

Eden Gardens is famous for its award-winning gardens, the essence of which are distilled into this limited-edition 18th birthday gin.  Yes, that’s right, Eden Gardens is finally coming of age and celebrating with a botanical tipple or two!  Owner Simon Ainsworth reflected on his dream of creating Eden Gardens, and all the special moments, saying “It’s terrific to be able to drink to the fruits of our labour, and share the garden’s essence with its supporters!

This bespoke small batch gin captures the character of the gardens, with its blend of rare and unusual herbs from the garden, seasonal fruits, and Australian natives. According to Buffalo Vale Distiller Cal Paterson, “It’s a ‘green’ style gin with botanicals picked fresh, not dried, each batch is harvested on the morning of distillation. Infusion is achieved using the ‘London dry’ basket method, and the resulting spirit is complex and aromatic. With fresh lemon balm, anise myrtle and mountain marigold leaf floating over a backbone of traditional organic juniper and finger lime, this is a gin for all seasons.”  He remarked that its flavour is“Fresh, vibrant, with lots of finger lime and passionfruit flavour, with an herby anise backbone.

The gin includes some wonderful plants from the garden, explained Horticultural Journalist and Curator from Eden Gardens.  “It was so exciting to include herbs from our kitchen garden, bush lemons and native citrus from the citrus walk as well as olive leaf from our olive grovesPerhaps the most exciting was introducing Cal to some new herbs, like the mountain marigold, which he hadn’t come across before.”

Inspiring festivity, this versatile botanical mix allows for this gin to be prepared in a multitude of ways - perfect with tonic, a wonderful apéritif served on ice, an elegant martini or celebratory cocktail. It is the spirit of Eden Gardens.

There will be a few unique opportunities to taste the Eden Gardens gin, including at our Festival of Flowers on October 9 when you can sample a flight of 3 cocktails using the Eden Gardens gin for just $20.  Bookings are strictly limited, and you can combine the tasting with some gin-cured salmon canapés ($15pp) or entrée with a cucumber and flower salad ($30pp). To grab your spot book here, and to reserve your own bottle for collection on October 9 from Eden Gardens, pre purchase here.   

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1. Cloudy Appletini 
2, Elderflower & Marigold Gin Spritz 
3. Cherry 75 
Gin Curated Salmon