Building a Sanctuary at Home

We have all come to realise how precious homelife is, and how creating a sanctuary at home where you feel safe has never been more important.  Clearing out unwanted ‘stuff’ that clutters our mind and spaces and organising what’s remaining so that everything is there when you need it, is all part of the KonMari revolution; keeping only those things which “spark joy”.

So what does add harmony to your home and help tap into kami – or the Shinto divine spirit of things?  Harnessing the sense is a good place to start, with the calming effect that green has on our mind, it is no coincidence that plants play a large part in many of our indoor spaces – an especially important component when the outdoor connection to nature is not there.  Adding scent is also effective, with scented candles, perfumed plants and incense all playing a part. 

Remember that texture plays a role too, so look for furnishing with natural fibres and a luxuriant feel, baskets with tactile qualities and pots with interesting indentations and imprints...all of which can add to your daily pleasure in the simple things.  The sound of water, by adding a simple water feature or water bowl, is another soothing element that will bring your sanctuary together. 

Lastly, make sure you leave space.  Having nothing in areas gives you space to relax on a floor cushion or do some stretches, to keep your mind and body at peace.