Back to work and school

As the summer holidays wrap for another year and you start looking towards another year back at ‘the coal face’, why not consider greening your workspace or school.  There is plenty of research to show that plants earn their keep at work, and at school can improve student outcomes. 

Many studies show that indoor plants improving the air quality, but their positive benefits go much deeper than that.  They reduce stress levels, make a good impression with clients, reduce sickness and absenteeism, and increase a sense of creativity and calm, reducing anxiety and depression.  Now that’s value adding!

So, as you wonder what’s in store for the year ahead, why not pop in and buy a pot plant to take to work or give to the teacher – hello study buddy!  Our staff can help you choose the right plant to match your budget and conditions, and give you all the advice you need to look after it.  We have a huge range to choose from, including succulent bowls, terrariums, potted palms, lush ferns and even kokedama balls.