Countdown to spring

Welcome to August.  There is lots to be thankful for at this time of the year, with spring on the doorstep. Australian natives are in their moment, so walk through the bush, enjoy their blossoms, and check out our wide range of natives to plant at your place.  Camellias are winding up, but still great value.

The first of the blossom trees are flowering now; with Taiwan cherries, plums, almonds and apricots blooming, followed by peaches and nectarines.  At Eden Gardens we have a great range of flowering fruit and blossom trees potted and bagged, ready to plant out at your place.  Citrus also start flowering, and their amazing sweet blooms get bees everywhere all a buzz.  It’s also time to feed them.

Deciduous Magnolias also start flowering.  Their goblet shaped blooms on bare wood are one of the most ancient of flowers, and they look magnificent against the intense blue of a fine winter day.  We stock both deciduous and the popular evergreen magnolias.

Early last century Wattle Day in NSW was on the 1st August, as this is the time when wattles in Sydney are in most profusion.  It was changed to a national day of celebration in 1992, and the 1st September become Wattle Day.  Regardless, August is a great month for wattle flowers up and down the east coast of Australia.  The 28th August is Daffodil Day. The Daffodil Garden at Eden in Macquarie Park is in flower throughout the month, and our potted tulips are always worth a special trip to see.

August is when some favourite climbers start blooming too.  Think mid-August for the first of the jasmines to burst and late August for the wisteria to begin transforming arbours and pergolas everywhere with a haze of mauve. From there it’s a slippery slide to spring!

In the vegie garden, keep picking those peas and beans – they are like the magic pudding = the more you pick the more you get…add some garden fresh mint and you have the quintessential spring serving.  If you’re planting and planning ahead, don’t forget to pop in some seed potatoes; you’ll be so glad you did in summer when you can home harvest your own chats straight from the garden.  Tomatoes, chillies, zucchinis and many other summer vegies can also be planted in frost-free areas.

For Summer colour, plant now.  Petunias, marigolds, cosmos, salvias, portulaca, coleus and celosia can be planted out.

Lastly, it is time for the lawn.  Feed (with Sudden Impact), screed (top soil to fill divots), seed (any bare patches with lawn seed)&weed to get the best results for the summer ahead.The green grass of home has never been so good to have underfoot, so prepare now and enjoy later.