Eden Unearthed: Art in the Gardens is the largest privately funded exhibition of its kind in Australia.
The 35-installation strong showcase returns to Macquarie Park on Monday 1 November. Spanning over 2.5 acres, you can fully immerse yourself in the beautiful gardens and be inspired by the art works.
The exhibition prides itself on upholding the three pillars of sustainability: economic, environmental and social, with generous stipends paid to support the artist’s work. Curator Meredith Kirton had the pleasure of announcing artists selected in participating in this year’s exhibition saying “there was a very high standard of exhibitions from local and international artists. The successful submissions have responded not only to the wonderful gardens and used them as a muse for their works, but also to the pillars of sustainability and site responsiveness that the exhibition reflects.”
The three Eden Unearthed judges, Allan Giddy, Graham Forsyth and Rae Bolotin have chosen the following successful artists as finalists.

Allyson Adeney, Mark Booth, Mandy Burgess and Ro Murray, Pamelia Lee Brenner and Johannes Muljana, Jan Cleveringa, Nicole De Mestre, Rmsina Daniel, Dale-myree Dal Santo , Mimi Dennett, Saskia Everingham, Gloria Florez, Christina Frank, Kristy Gordon, Mel Gras, Clare James, Wendy Joyce, Amanda Laing, Aaron Marsden, Emma Mattson, Ella McGaw, Gemma McKenzie, Ainslie Murray, Basilios Papaioannou, Belinda Piggott and Mary van den Berk, Douglas Schofield, Melissa Silk and Sueann Stanford, Jayanto Tan, Alison Thompson, Leanne Thompson, Andy Totman, Kathie Najar and Geraldo Zamproni.

“The exhibition is particularly important in that it offers participating artists the opportunity to create  new work in response to the many varied nooks and crannies of Eden Gardens”, says judge Allan Giddy.

Owner Simon Ainsworth also welcomes Monte Lupo Arts, a social enterprise that provide career paths for artists living with a disability, to showcase some of their Garden Dwellers throughout the exhibition, and the students from Father Chris Riley’s Youth Off The Streets who will participate in creating a work.

Eden Gardens runs a series of workshops, talks and other events as part of the Eden Unearthed: Art in the Gardens programme. It’s a unique opportunity to learn directly from the artists themselves.