The artists themselves.

Each year artists gather here on this extraordinary site, sandwiched between the M2 and Lane Cove Road, and national park. The place is a contradiction. It’s ambient sounds of whip birds and frogs and set within a hum of traffic from the motorway, the buildings’ stark, architectural form softened by creeper and the formality of various garden spaces are tempered by remnant forest, standing firm on the landscape. An artists paradise.
Behind the scenes. artists have self doubt, anguish over climate change and struggle with the sheer difficulty of some of their concepts coming into reality, yet they have a creative spirit that flies and calling to make art. This exhibition is ambitious; they humbly craft and hone their skills and problem solve, telling stories without words.
Eden Unearthed: Art in the Gardens plays homage to the garden, it’s carers and keepers, as well as the creatives who install works within its rooms, on its branches and within its secret spaces.
Read more about our artists on the Artists Profile pages of Eden Unearthed, or listen to their stories through videos linked through QR codes on signs at each work whilst on exhibition.
Ella McGaw, Promises
Ella McGaw, Promises
Images by Jack Mounsey
Mimi Dennett with “Mischief”, Subterranean
Mimi Dennett with “Mischief”, Subterranean
Gloria Florez, Lost Habitat
Gloria Florez, Lost Habitat 
Meredith Kirton MAIH RH  Horticultural Journalist and Curator

Alison Thompson, “Thankyou!”



By: Meredith Kirton, MAIH RH
Horticultural Journalist and Curator