Student Curator Shares her Sense of Eden Unearthed

Eden Unearthed is a wonderful intersection between the calculated and the organic. This exhibition showcases the coming together of diverging ideals as artists of diverse backgrounds and lived experiences join forces with the natural environment in a complimentary and symbiotic relationship in a celebration of the Australian landscape. As a showcase of creativity, instillations range from intricately crafted sculptural works to ever changing interactive pieces, engaging audience members in the creation of the work itself. Within the short time that has elapsed following the installation of these works none have remained static, evolving and changing with the landscape around them, with viewers almost being greeted with an entirely new exhibition each time they return. Helen Roberts’ Going Going Gone has peaked fascination in this sense, as within a matter of days her copper banksia scrub has gone from a lustrous almost blinding vibrancy to taking on the natural hue of its peers with the help of environmental weathering and the overhanging eucalypts.

Alice McAuliffe’s Concrete Carpet is similarly captivating as the intricate, baroque inspired design, reminiscent of a Persian rug, slowly fades overtime both through natural weathering and the audiences’ movements over the path, providing a unique and constantly developing artwork. Eden Unearthed further doubles as a captivating experience for the whole family as, whilst capturing innate beauty, the interactive nature of many of the pieces as well as their inherent charm, such as Renate Crow’s Tawny Frogmouth, provides an enriching experience for both children and adults alike. Overall, Eden Unearthed is a unique exhibition, Showcasing a true abundance of style, creativity and experience.