Eden Unearthed Call Out Now On

Are you an artist that works in the installation space?  Perhaps you’re a creative that loves nature and gardening, or maybe a sculptor?  Whether you like weaving, working in clay, steelwork, or prefer textiles, we have a terrific opportunity for you to make magic happen at Eden Gardens as part of Eden Unearthed 2023/4.

This 6-month exhibition is now receiving submissions.  Applications are due by the end of June, with the exhibition itself showing from 1 November, 2023.  If you would like more details, check out our website.  You can access an Application Pack here for more details, or apply online here or book in for a Prospective Artists Tour on Sunday May 28 at 3pm

Developing, established, refugee, and Indigenous artists are all encouraged to apply, with different prize categories open for various artists, and a major $10,000 Eden Gardens Prize also up for offer.  Eden Garden pays stipends to all the artists featured and is on exhibit until April 2023.

It is free to enter and free to visit Eden Unearthed 7 days a week, from 9am till 5pm.

Reviews on past exhibitions can also be found here.