All In Good Time- 2023 Eden Unearthed

Seeding Kairos Time, by Leanne Thompson is an ephemeral work. Leanne Thompson explains both the concepts held in the installation and the practice behind it.

The archaic tradition from cultures across the world. The form invites self-reflection and a contemplative threshold into earth time.

Join in the conversation about adaptive change as we trace how species and habitats interact through the ecological concept of succession. Select a species of plant that you feel connected to and together we will find its place in the primary succession narrative from rock to forest. We’ll be looking at lichens, mosses, ferns, herbaceous annuals and perennials, grasses, all sorts of shrubbery and into the sun and shade loving trees.

These are the species that will be attached into body of the installation and individually (get in touch) or in workshops you can create woven forms based on the seeds, spores and flowers of these plants. You can register for an upcoming workshop (here) or nominate your favourite artwork is participatory and will grow in complexity over the six months of the exhibition. There are many ways to be involved with creating elements for the artwork, interacting with Leanne and experiencing the labyrinth itself.

Visit Eden Unearthed and enter the labyrinth and slowly and purposefully walk into the meditative space.

Stay tuned for more information and photo’s from the work as time unfolds.

Watch Leanne's video here or Register for one of Leanne’s Workshops below

Weaving Plants Workshop - Into the Green World

10th December 10am 

22nd January 10am

10th March 10am 

7th April 10am