Alison Thompson

Alison Thompson is a textile artist who has been using crochet as an art form for nearly a decade.  Thompson enjoys working within the community to inspire others through her work, either through installations, pattern making or mixed media. She has exhibited in the last 4-years with Eden Unearthed, displayed at Circular Quay and has twice been selected in Sculpture in the Vineyards. Thompson seeks to inspire and create a community space that people want to become a part of.

This year at Eden Unearthed Thompson is creating a work called Thank you!  Using colour and mixed media techniques, including her signature crochet work, this piece thanks the earth for caring about her; this bouquet is offered as part of a self-care series of work she is embarking on.

Alison Thompson reflected, “Being a part of Eden Unearthed has truly been a life changing experience. The opportunities it has presented to me and the people I have met, how could I do anything other than say Thank You this year. I find it so humbling to meet people viewing the work and hearing their stories, their connection with art and with the techniques I use. Eden Gardens has always been a special place for me and my family, from silent walks during difficult times to joyful laughter at workshops, meeting wonderful people. Thank you!”

It has been wonderful to see Alison’s work over the years at Eden Gardens, to hear her stories of personal and artistic growth, and to have her participate in many workshops and events, including many that raised funds for Cancer Council NSW. 

We can’t wait to see her work go up and catch up with her kids again - tracking the growth of them over the years has been symbolic of the relationship Eden has cultivated and cherished since our path’s crossed.


Find out more about Alison Thompson and her work 'Thank You!' here.


By: Meredith Kirton