Rubber Plant Burgundy

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Botanical name: Ficus Elastica 'Burgundy'
Common name: Burgundy Rubber Plant

A real tough guy, able to cope with very little maintenance. They prefer a bright spot near a window if inside, and will happily live in a pot for decades, growing ceiling height and beyond.


‘Burgundy’ has deep purplish black leaves the colour of claret. New shoots are salmon coloured and they deepen as they age.

Care instructions. 
Light: very adaptable and will cope with direct sun and shade.
Watering: let it dry out slightly between watering, and decrease frequency over winter.
Feeding: liquid fertilise every month during their growing season.

Tip: you can take aerial cuttings of any leggy branches easily by nicking the stem and placing a bundle of moist pot of peat moss around this incision held in by cling film. Once it has taken root, remove from the main plant and re pot. 
Rubber trees grow into large canopy trees and should not be planted in the ground.

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