Winter is here – Top 5 Things To Do for your Fruit & Veg

Winter is here – top 5 things to do for your fruit & veg

Want to keep your edible garden thriving as the weather cools? Winter garden is quite a busy time in your fruit and veg garden. There are lots of small things you can do to help your edibles stay healthy, thriving through the winter and continuing to produce your backyard bounty. And best of all, the cold weather sweetens your fruit, deepens the colour on your vegetables (read extra antioxidants) and helps control many pests and weeds.

  • Feed your citrus as fruits develop. Net them to protect them from birds and look out for rats too, as they love oranges as food becomes scarce! 
  • If growing any cabbages, broccoli, cauliflowers or kale, use a fine net on them too to exclude white cabbage moth butterflies, the caterpillars of which can cause a lot of damage to your crop. 
  • If you have peas in, remember to pick them often, as the more you take the more you get.  The same goes for broad beans. 
  • Prune your stone fruit. Keep the centre of your trees as open as possible to allow sun to penetrate by pruning to outward facing branches and shoots.
  • When peaches and nectarines are at bud-swell (about to flower), spray them with copper oxychloride to prevent peach leaf curl, which is a disfiguring disease that causes new growth to blister and mutate.