Possum Magic

Possums are protected animals in Australia so we all have an obligation to live with them in harmony, no matter what, so Possum Soup is off the menu!  It’s also illegal to relocate them, but its ok to block off the holes into your roof (do it at night time when they’re out) if they have taken up residency.


There are some simple ‘possum friendly’ ways of deterring them from your patch.  While the Christmas lights are coming out, consider hanging them up around your vegies.  Possums are nocturnal animals and the flashing lights really seem to annoy them…enough that they take themselves elsewhere for a midnight snack.  They also don’t like spot lights and porch lights, so having these on motion sensors can help.


If you have possums running along your fence biting off your climbing roses and whatever else takes their fancy, get yourself some dog hair.  Stuff net bags (like you get from the fruit shop) with your pooches malting hair and then secure these bags to the tops of your roses or whatever else is taking their fancies.


Some people like to try sprinkling cayenne pepper, tabasco or chilli powder around the garden.  Others especially grow really hot chillies in their garden, like the famous ghost chillie.  Experience of many has shown that possums develop quite the taste for spice, and you’re better off with onion and garlic, steeping it in water for 3-4 days then spraying around. Possums also don’t like spiky plants like grevilleas, hakeas and yuccas.


If your time is precious and you want a sure fire brew ready to use, we stock Poss Off, which has a bitter taste that possums detest and is made from natural ingredients.  Staying calm can be tricky to hear when they’re running on your roof at night or nibbling your garden, munching on your prize roses and edibles…but if you can get to Eden we can provide you with the answers!


Of course, many people love having possums in the garden.  They eat insects too after all.  If you want to encourage them, build or buy a nesting box, keep your cat and dog inside at night and don’t leave out their pet food at night and make sure you have an enclosed compost (like our Hungry Bins) so you don’t find these furry friends (or rats) rummaging.   And don’t cut down trees with hollows in them – they are great habitat for possums and many birds.


By: Meredith Kirton