Mother’s Day – Catch Up on Reading

“A book is like a garden, carried in the pocket.” — Chinese Proverb 



One of the great treats in life is a few hours to oneself curled up with a book.  A lovely read to replenish and perhaps reimagine some areas of your garden.  A wonderful gift could be an hour to oneself with a cup of tea and a tome to mull over.

Plants can be tricky to understand, so luckily authors can unpack some of their knowledge and share it with us in easily understood language.  We have books on indoor plants, roses, cacti and succulents, style guides and even related topics such as backyard bees and the Healing Power of Plants. Books can inspire us to create new places at home to garden, or rework existing areas to suit new needs.  Our range of design books cover Plants for Small Spaces, Decorating with Wild and Resourceful Living.

Creating and curating a garden library can be a resource for any keen greenie.  Books have limited ‘shelf life’ in terms of their availability for purchase, so if you see a book you like, grabbing it for posterity is a great investment.  It will always be there for you to use later, thumbing over your favourite pages and double-checkinginformation as it new plants and problems require new solutions.

A wonderful garden project for mum – don’t just buy her a book, but give her time to read it a create a spot in the sun to catch some rays and read!


By: Meredith Kirton