Gardening Your Way To Health

What’s the balm for boredom, depression and anxiety?  Gardening.  No wonder more and more people have been rediscovering it during COVID-19.  It’s great for both your physical and mental wellbeing. 

In a meta-analysis that looked at 21 different scientific studies and how gardening effected health outcomes, researchers concluded what many of us have known instinctively.  Gardening is good for you.

So what’s so great about it?  Here are our top ten reasons:

  1. You are in the moment – using all your senses to appreciate nature.
  2. It is great aerobic exercise – just think how digging or raking can get your heart rate up.
  3. Plants don’t judge you – they just want water and light.
  4. Planning and your planting is great for keeping dementia at bay.
  5. Shoveling materials around builds muscle strength.
  6. Being outside in a sun safe manner is a great way of getting vitamin D
  7. Plants remove the toxins from the air and replace it with oxygen
  8. Biodiverse environments are better for your mental health
  9. Eating fresh vegies and herbs that you’ve grown yourself is great nutrition
  10. Gardening in small groups – socially distancing – builds community

By: Meredith Kirton