Fruit Trees to Go - Grow Your Own Potted Orchard

Many people these days have limited space, no access to soil because they live in an apartment or rent, which makes planting fruit trees in the back yard an impossibility.   Luckily, may plants grow happily in containers, and there are plenty of choices when it comes to fruit.

Dwarf trees are great for pots as they already have a reduced size.  They still have the same sized fruits as a full sized plant.  Citrus trees grafted onto flying dragon rootstock are the perfect examples.  We stock a range called 'Pipsqueak' that are perfect for small spaces and allow you to grow citrus when you have limited spacing.  They produce fruit of its full-size cousin and include lemons, limes, mandarins & oranges.  The ‘Trixzie’ miniature fruit range is another great collection of deciduous fruit trees that we stock and includes stone fruit, pears and apples.