New Christmas Range Just In - Florabelle Living

Celebrate Australian Style with Florabelle Living

“When I was growing up, every year my Granny Mary would make hand beaded Australian themed Christmas decorations for each of us grandkids

Over the years, as our collection grew, it became a much-anticipated family tradition, which we all looked forward to with great excitement. We have treasured each of our decorations over the years, now passing them onto the next generation with heartfelt stories of their great grandmother.

Inspired by what Christmas means to me - hot long days filled with family and the vibrant colours of an Australian Summer, with that extra sparkle of the glistering afternoon sun.

This range is inspired by, and dedicated to, my Granny Mary and all grannies across Australia who always know how to make Christmas forever magical.

Designed with love, I hope these exquisitely unique decorations handmade in India by our Artisans, will bring joy and memories each festive season to your children, their children and their children’s children for many years to come”

Phoebe Gazal, Creative Director at Florabelle Living