National Gardening Week

Three years ago, the Garden Clubs of Australia Inc. launched its inaugural National Gardening Week celebrations.  It is a celebration of gardening in all its forms, from the newbie plant parent to the garden guru, from the balcony to the bush, your apartment to your acreage. However, the focus this year is on children, with schools being encouraged to nurture and inspire the next crop of gardeners. 

The Garden Clubs of Australia President, George Hoad. “I have been thrilled at the number of events held and the diversity of activities chosen to celebrate Australia’s National Gardening Week over the past 2 years and hopefully in its third year it will continue to bloom and mature.”If you’re home and want some ideas, George Hoad suggests the following: upcycle some tins, tool boxes or gum boots into quirky succulent displays, make a scarecrow for the garden, create a flower garland and throw a tea party, or build that compost head you’ve been putting off.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still in our midst, gardening is experiencing a huge resurgence in popularity. Families are finding their inner #dirtgirl, and everyone’s digging in and growing something, from a pot plant for your desk at home to a full on vegie patch that you’re feasting on nightly and heading out with a knife and basket for ‘something for dinner’.

National Gardening Week is a chance for everyone to ‘Dig in’.  Plant a tree, visit a relative with a living bunch of flowers or donate an indoor plant to your local nursing home and #plantoneforward.