Lunar New Year - Year of the Rabbit

Many Asians celebrate the Lunar New Year, with red packets of money gifted to friends and family in a gesture of good fortune. Orange and red flowers are championed too as “lucky” plants, and often given as presents. So too are Jade Plants, used at entrances and exits of homes to welcome positive energy and help “make money” for the occupants according to Feng Shui, a trait that gives them their other common name of Money Tree.

We stock a huge range of various species and varieties of Jade, known scientifically as Portulacaria. We also have two species grown as kokedama, which are wrapped in string. Our Limited Edition Lunar New Year Kokedama Special with small balls selling for $39.98 and Medium ones for $59.98. You can find out more about caring for your kokedama here and you can buy your very own Kokedama here. 

“Peaceful and patient energy” are the characteristics of the Chinese horoscope that comes into affect on January 21 with the Lunar New Year.

How might this translate to our gardens? It seems that planting trees might be the perfect action for mirroring the persona of the rabbit. For those in apartments, perhaps a bonsai or Peace Lily might be the perfect match.