Eden Unearthed Update

The 6 month long exhibition has reached its half way mark, so it’s timely to recap on some of the highlights to date and look at what’s coming up with the rest of the exhibition.

The launch night, which featured a moving smoking ceremony my artists Shannon Foster and opening speech by gardening celebrity Costa Georgiadis, was a huge success. “I considered it a real privilege to be asked along to my second Eden Unearthed. I really enjoyed every single one of the artworks last year. What’s more the garden setting at Eden really provides a unique gallery in which each of the artworks find a niche location. And for the event to be moving into its fourth year is a wonderful recognition that it is building year by year on its success.”

Congratulations to all the artists who were selected as part of Eden Unearthed 2019, and a huge ‘hat’s off’ to the inaugural prize winner Jan Cleveringa, who won the Eden Gardens $10,000 first prize for his work The Corporate Snake

Gina Fairly, art critic reported that when viewing Unearthed she was “really heartened by the embeddedness of this project to place art – and the conversations it can create – into an enterprise that is largely patronised by a conventional non-art going audience” in her review in ArtsHub, and the “engaging program of events around the exhibition and its environmental message”.  So how are the events going?  Having just wrapped up the school holidays, one can say without hesitation that the workshops have been hugely popular.  Curator Meredith Kirton explained, “it was terrific to see kids getting into the boat making, paper clay modelling and weaving workshops”. The weekend’s family art day on Sunday was also a hit, with Scribbly Gum collages, Monet inspired waterlily paintings, and crazy Bower Bill inspired puppets and loads of craft all part of the day.