Earth Hour

March 26 is Earth Hour.  What does that mean, aside from switching off your lights at 8:30pm?

This worldwide community of millions of people encourages you to not only switch off your lights for an hour, but consider making bigger changes such as switching to solar power, switching your ride and making other positive steps towards mitigating climate change.

The movement started right here in Sydney over 10 years ago, so consider what you could do to #shapeourfuture - -it’s more than just candles for the evening…although that’s lovely!



If you’re interested in learning more about grass roots actions you can make at home, come along to our Sustainability Festival on 3rd April @Eden Garden in Macquarie Park.  You can not only plug in your Tesla for a free charge, but you can also learn more about reducing food miles by growing your own, reducing food waste by harvesting and storage techniques such as dehydration and fermentation, upcycling food waste into compost, and creating habitat at home with best practice native plantings, insect hotels and talks on friendly ways of combating garden pests.


By: Meredith Kirton