Earth Day – 22nd April

Over 50 years ago on the 22nd ofApril, 1970 the first Earth Day took place.  In our gardens and balconies, we can still do our bit to encourage backyard biodiversity and do our bit to reduce water waste, cut our use of dangerous chemicals and make sustainable lifestyle choices that are good for both our well-being and that of the Earth’s.

At Eden Gardens we believe in Enriching People’s Lives With Plants.  Our recent Sustainability Festival brought together experts, community groups, and our neighbours and councils to present talks, workshops, walks and films.  Some key learnings from these about things you can do RIGHT NOW are:

  • Encourage native bees – even get a hive.
  • Keep your cats inside and dogs under control.
  • Provide places for lizards to escape attack from pets and prey.
  • Encourage birds with a variety of native plants and by putting out clean water.
  • Be ok with spiders – they are great garden guardians.
  • If you want to keep honeybees, join your local bee keeping group and get involved first.
  • There are many edibles in your neighbourhood growing wild if you know where to look.
  • Growing your own food can reduce green miles, increase freshness and flavour.
  • Recycle your organic waste rather than throw it out – get a worm farm or start a compost.
  • Reduce your use of personal, household and garden chemicals.

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