Christmas ‘to do’ list

Staying organised at Christmas can be tricky.  Everyone tries to get things in advance, but things can easily snowball (even in our summers!) and get on top of us.  To make the garden look tip top quickly, check out our summer garden hacks on the website. 

Eden Gardens can help you out by taking some of the stress out of shopping. 

Order Your Christmas Trees –from traditional pines and spruces to Australian natives that make the perfect choice for a more casual, beach Chrissie, Eden has heaps to choose from.  The trick to keeping your living Christmas tree alive is to keep it in a brightly lit room, like a sunroom, but not in an air-conditioned environment.  It should survive for 2 weeks indoor, but gradually bring it back out into the sun, don’t burn it suddenly by bringing it from the inside to full sun – stage your ‘come back’ with a semi shaded position, like a courtyard or under a shady tree, first.For more info see our Christmas tree blogs.

Buy Gifts – from kids to grandparent, there is something for everyone at Eden.  Grab a seed spouter for that hipster nephew so he can DIY mung beans, pop in a peace lily for the mother-in-law, and grab some hand lotion or an essential oil diffuser for the kids teachers…always appreciated.  Why not bags a bunch of flowers for that someone who invites you over for Christmas drinks at the last minute and grow a herb basket ready to either have handy at the kitchen or use for secret Santa.  Talking of ‘standby’ gifts, potted poinsettias are perfect – you can enjoy them till it’s time to give them away.  And for kids, we have a huge range of kits, gardening gizmos and games to entertain them – after all, we all want to encourage them to have ‘green time’ rather than ‘screen time’.

Book Christmas Lunches –Our ‘wine and dine’ specials take the stress out of Christmas.  –we can do the cooking and washing up!  It’s a Christmas Cracker at $35 pp. At Macquarie Park you can book our private dining room for your own intimate family meal, and at the Dragonfly Café in Queensland you can dine on overlooking the lake.

Getting everything ready for Christmas and summer entertaining just got a whole lot easier at Eden. 


 By: Meredith Kirton