8 Of Brisbane’s Best Nursery Cafes

Just like plants need the right balance of water, sunshine and love to survive, we humans need food, sunshine, love and coffee to thrive. Thankfully, there are plenty of lush nursery cafés in Brisbane where you can satisfy ALL of these needs and fuel your burgeoning gardening hobby at the same time.

Chat about your recent fiddle leaf purchase over a cuppa and some cake, or what to fertilise your strelitzia with as you sip upon a spritz at our all-time favourite greenery adorned cafes. 

Dragonfly Cafe


Within the grounds of Eden Gardens nursery and garden store, Dragonfly Café is a tranquil spot to stop and smell the roses (pun intended). Outdoors and beside a bubbling stream, you won’t feel as though you’re in the outer suburbs, let alone a bustling nursery. Their seasonal breakfast and lunch menus are of the modern Australian variety and boast all the favourites.  If you’ve got a special occasion coming up, Dragonfly also does a tasty high tea—we’ll raise a pinkie to that. 


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